Thursday, May 08, 2008

Youngest MILF?

There aren't very many words that can describe the amazingness of this video... besides the obvious allusions to BBD and the beautifully choreographed dance break down which was last seen in the mid 90's, this video is everything that is right with both music and our society.

The changing state of the family has required the need to address the status of the young MILF, and I for one am glad that Lou Draws had the fortitude to do it. Kudos brother.

However, this does bring in to question Dallas Penn's assertions that older women are better because of their similarity to seedless watermelons.

Video Link

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Politics are fun?

They are when they look like this

After the seriousness of last night's results... I'm glad to see someone having fun with this.

I would dance to this in the club like what...

Can we make dance that would somehow involve standing in a voting line, actually voting, and then "throwing it up"?

Someone get to work on that for me please...


Thanks to download the song here