Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I've been thinking a bit lately and trying to figure out what exactly is my problem with a bunch of the music today. I was trying to do this objectively without any of the elitist bias that I subconsciously have. And to be honest, I'm not one of those folks that think that music was so amazing in the past and doesn't see any good in the stuff that comes out now. I actually do like a lot of stuff and if nothing else, being a broke teacher that's trying to find a get rich route himself, I respect hustle.

For that reason, I can appreciate someone like Soulja Boy for what he has done, but my problem comes from the lack of history and insight he and jokers like him have. These youngins get out of pocket like it's their job. Talking greasy about every one because you got a Grammy nod? Really? Since when are Grammy's hip-hop? Didn't Will Smith win one? And I don't see him getting invited to any ciphers any time soon. I understand that hip-hop is in many cases built off of machismo and such... but you need to know your place young fellow.

What am I talking about? From Soulja Boy's MTV News interview:
"I'm Grammy-nominated," he continued, citing his credentials. "If I look at the new list and I compare myself to all 10 of the artists and some don't add up, I'll be like, 'Wow. I should be #1 if it's right now. I'm #1."

Soulja Boy was more candid when asked how he ranks specifically against alumni of the first Hottest MCs list, like Weezy, 'Ye and Jay-Z.

"Right now, yes [I'm hotter than them]," he answered as their names were read to him one by one.

He said he is the best-selling online, highest-ranking on the Web and the most publicized rapper worldwide right now.

"Today, January — whatever the date this is — 2008, yes [I am the hottest]," SB emphasized.

Wow. I mean, I love the confidence, but really guy? See... this here is my problem, you get youngins like this, who really have no concept of what hip-hop is supposed to be, and they think they're hot. Maybe he's just a product of what hip-hop made, or maybe alledgedly failing 9th grade twice is part of it, but whatever it is... this mentality needs to stop. (You know its reckless when 8th graders are saying that he was talking out his neck) But maybe this a good thing for hip-hop... he is selling... ringtones... and he did make it on CNN:


(I'm mad that the CNN anchor calls him Soulja Boy Tell Me and that the chick who apparently knows a lot about him is Nigerian)

So this post wasn't supposed to be about Soulja Boy, but rather his brand of lazy music with no care for history. I present you with one of the many children of the Soulja Boy movement, the Pop It Off Boyz (putting the 'Z' at the end of things is still cool?) and their "hit" song "Crank Dat Batman" which I guess could be an homage to "Crank Dat Soulja Boy". (By homage I mean, we couldn't come up with anything ourselves) Soulja is apparently all for these by the way, and so is MTV it seems.

Besides the obvious lack of effort put into both the video and the song (note the obvious references to "Two Step" and "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and the My First Casio beat), my biggest problem is the fact that the song asks it's listeners to "jigg". I thought we didn't have to do that anymore? So MTV can bleep out any and all references, made up or otherwise, to drugs, sex, certain consumer goods that they don't endorse, and other things that I didn't even know where bad, but they can't bleep out racial slurs? Or is it not as bad when a group of poorly educated (or maybe they're smarter than all of us and getting theirs) young men sing and tap dance it? Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Anyway... enough for now... enjoy:


And I'm sure I could be called a hater or maybe an idealist, but that would be too easy and counter productive, wouldn't it?

If you're looking for a cool video with some effort put into it: Erykah Badu's - Honey.


MP said...

Thank you for this post. I was beginning to believe that nobody else felt this way. Another young idiot is Bow Wow who too has decided that he is the greatest rapper alive. I'm confused. It's fine to make mindless music and write your own name on your big stupid glasses with crooked hand writing and bubble paint, but don't make the mistake and think that you are greater than what you are. People buy/steal these people's music because they don't really expect much from hip hop- just something to dance to. That's why I am not mad at Souljah boy for making songs with incoherent lyrics, but I do have a problem when he forgets how insignificant he really is in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Dancing a jig is not a reference to jigaboo.