Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Favorite things pt. 3 (Music)

Happy New Years folks. Here's to a positive and productive '08.

Now that that's done...

Without doing another year end list like everyone and their moms does (even though I guess this is one)... I'm gonna give you some of my favorite musics of the year... no rankings or anything... just as I remember them.

Because I can never remember when things came out, I used iTunes to make a playlist of all my top ranked songs of '07... and I've got to say... I think for the most part, it was a pretty good year for music... Alrighty... without further ado:

My Favorite Albums

Black Milk - Popular Demand - I talked about this album before and here's what I said then:

"This cd is great. A protege of the late J. Dilla who is also from Detroit. He's a producer that can actually flow pretty well without being too backpackerish. This is definitely a nice mix of "mainstream" and underground."

Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens - This cd really stood out for just being something a little different. Real smoove and heartfelt. Blu is the truth. I also talked about them in a previous post.

Freeway - Free at Last - So... I don't technically own this cd yet, but I've got most of the songs, and I've got to say... Freeway was spitting. I am going to cop the cd, but just off the songs I've heard, I had to put this on there. Freeway is one of the few dudes that actually seem scary when they spit... partly cause it seems so genuine. Check 'When They Remember' (I dare you to tell me this joint isn't gangster. I will send Freeway to your house if you do.)

Jay Z - American Gangter - I know, I know... everyone either loves this or hates it (there is no in-between as with all recent Jay it seems)... but you know what? I think Jay got it right with this one. Not that I disliked 'Kingdom Come', but this one definitely hit the spot. The samples are fantastic and for the most part, it really seemed like Jay was in the zone and he hit the time period perfectly. In addition, you've gotta respect his hustle and that whole synergy thing. He got a lot of people to see the movie that maybe wouldn't have. ("Party Life" is my jam too... especially since the original was done by Little Beaver. How great is that name?)

Kanye West - Graduation - Another one that everyone loved, but I've got to say... it was pretty good. Although I really hated 'Drunk and Hot Girls', everything else was pretty tight. I could really feel him on a bunch of the songs [||], and it seemed like he actually put some thought into some of the lyrics... One of my favorite joints (which may have just been on the iTunes version or something) Not the "real" video... but pretty good to me:

Little Brother - Getback - Def one of my favorites and I went and saw these cats live and it was great. They're just real cool dudes that spit real talk... as evidenced by Phonte's take on marriage. The whole feel of this album was just fun, old-fashioned hip-hop. Good times... and it just seems to speak to me given where I am in my life right now.

Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco's The Cool - This was an album that I was eagerly waiting. Although at times it can be a little dense, it definitely gets better with each listen. And despite the fact that Lupe alienated the very people that big him up with Fiascogate, I think he did a good job of winning some of them back. 'Paris, Tokyo' is my joint... real soulful and Tribe Called Quest-like.

Mark Ronson - Version - In the non-hip hop category, this album definitely stood out for me. This is the dude that produced a bunch (if not all) of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse's albums. He is also the dude behind Wale's emergence. Just lots of jazzy, uptempo stuff, and the Amy Winehouse song is great.

Pharoahe Monch - Desire - People were waiting for this forever... and it didn't disappoint. Real insightful, deep lyrics, without being too preachy or complex. The song 'When the Gun Draws' is just haunting:

That's it for now... I may do some a couple songs that stood out for me later... but I may get lazy...

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