Sunday, June 10, 2007

We The Best!

So, I've been away for awhile again... I know... but I was finishing up the school year... and its done. So i'm back... for now at least..

Anyway, so I downloaded a mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled... and I swear, he might be the most obnoxious, narcissistic, idiotic, pseudo-DJ ever. He constantly shouts out his catch phrase "We the best!" so much that it almost makes you wonder if he even actually believes it.
I said this to someone else the other day, and they asked if he was worse than DJ Clue used to be... I would have to say yes. (What's Clue up to these days? I guess saying your name repeatedly doesn't keep you famous)

All of this is to ask, what's the point? What do these guys do? I mean, if you're producing, ok, fine. I might be able to understand that you'd want people to know you're producing, so maybe you'd say your name a little... maybe. But most of the DJs that put out big label albums aren't producing. And if they aren't producing, why should we care? Am I supposed to get excited cause Khaled knows a bunch of rappers? I mean... that doesn't impress me too much. He's honestly just a glorified hype man.

One could then make a bigger point saying how music today is definitely more concerned with celebrity than anything else. And people will like whatever you tell them to. But that's not really saying anything that anyone doesn't know...

Take a listen and tell me it's not annoying:

We the best!

P.S. Does it bother anyone else that Khaled says the loathed "N-Word" so much? Not that it should be said that much to begin with by anyone... but last I checked, he's definitely not Black...

And now... as a treat... the song of the summer... The album is going to be worth getting just because of this song.

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