Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Bay Bay....

Alrighty... at some point enough is enough right? I don't want to be a music snob or anything, but is it me, or are rappers just getting dumber and dumber? (Some would call them trash)

What brings this on you might ask? Well I was randomly perusing one of the video networks and I happened to come across the MTV "Jam of the Week"... and interesting little diddy by the name of "A Bay Bay".

Now, some of my kids told my about this a couple months ago, and I could only stand to listen to about 10 seconds of it. If you've never heard it, it goes something like this:

"I walk into the club...A bay bay
something, something, something... A bay bay
blah, blah, blah... A bay baby.

As an English teacher, I automatically have problems with this, and as a lover of music, my problems increase many times over. I mean, can we provide basic grammar classes to these jokers? They don't have to speak the queens English, and I understand they're speaking colloquially and all, but can they at least spell the lyrics correctly?

That's really all I want... I won't even get into the repetitive simplicity of the song, or how all you need to be able to do is put random syllables together and combine them with your Casio keyboard these days to make a "hit". I just want people to be able to spell things correctly. Maybe then we could get kids to learn how to speak and read.

But maybe I should just be happy that he's trying to spell things phonetically... and hey, at least you can snap to it.

Now if you'll excuse me... I'll just be snapping my grinning ass to the local watering hole.

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