Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Official...

50 cent is a master magician and has pulled some David Copperfield, Houdini, David Blaine type ish. He went from being "hard-core" and just destroying anyone in his path, to becoming the very thing that he got everyone to rally against... Jah Rule. Its actually quite similar to the movie Highlander. (I used to love Duncan MacLeod... "There can be only one!") He beheaded Jah and assumed his "powers". What powers you ask? The dis-ability to make any song sound extremely homo-erotic. This is actually quite a feat, and should be considered extremely remarkable. The only drawback is that he has ceased to be relevant in hip-hop entirely.

You might be wondering what sparks this... 50's new single
On it, 50 not only manages to sing/talk the hook about how various parts of his body are roller coaster rides (because they go fast for a short period of time?) and that sex with him is like an amusement park... or something like that (its hard for me to listen), but he even makes a reference to the gawd awful 'Magic Stick'. It almost sounds like 'Magic Stick Redux' in a couple parts. It's as if, while hanging out with Floyd Mayweather Jr. someone was like... "50 you really need to get back to your 'Magic Stick' roots... that's when you were nasty." Either that or I guess 50 really wants us to know about his sexual prowess.... (that's not a pretty image)

The funny thing is that I can't even imagine 50 at an amusement park. And if he were there I think he would frighten all the kids away, or the park would implode...
The carnival will never be the same again.

So to recap... 50 cent is the new and improved hip-hop Highlander. Hold on to your domes...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some Good Music....

I've been slacking again.. I know. I've been legitimately kind of busy though: developing a new class, grading, coaching, etc... but I'm trying.. anyway...

So everyone hates hip-hop now... and can you really blame them? After Cam'ron's idiotic rantings on 60 minutes, it's no wonder that people think our music is the worst thing since crack. (The funny thing is that people thought the same thing about jazz way back when..."Does Jazz Put the Sin in Syncopation?") Hip-hop hasn't been in the news like this since C. Delores Tucker was telling the world how bad "gangster rap" was for your soul.

Ultimately the real concern, as with Jazz way back when, is that hip-hop is now infecting all those young, impressionable middle class white kids, and that is a big no no. We can't have them learning all the ills of ghetto, or adopting it's beliefs (i.e. 'Stop Snitching').

All this being said, there is still some good in the music... (this not being it... besides the fact that Knowles family is a bunch of hustlers, anyone else mad at the kid named Juelz? I mean honestly, comeon... that's just wrong.)

So onto the good... I've been working on a list of the top 25 hip-hop albums of all time, which is extremely hard, but its coming. But for now, I wanted to put you on to some of the quality music that I've been enjoying:

W. Ellington Felton - Outrospective: Me Then, Me Now - A nice little mix of hip-hop, soul, funk, etc. And he represents DC... Definitely feeling this one. It's not new, but it's probably new to you.

Black Milk - Popular Demand - This cd is great. A protege of the late J. Dilla who is also from Detroit. He's a producer that can actually flow pretty well without being too backpackerish. This is definitely a nice mix of "mainstream" and underground.

Eric Roberson - Left - A real chill and soulful album. Another guy that reps DC, he's been hustling on the underground scene for a while. It's not as good as this cd (which I had been looking forever, and finally found), but its pretty damn good.

Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel as Schoolchildren - I know it's poppy and such, but you know what? It's actually pretty good. It's hard to classify, but I guess alternative hip-hop fits. They get compared to The Roots a lot, and they do play their own instruments, but that's where the similarities pretty much end. The lyrics are fairly humorous and the poetic interludes are great.

Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth - A real deep, passionate, and very personal album. He definitely doesn't hold anything back and its refreshing to hear someone talk about things that hold true significance in their lives and that people can relate to.

Alrighty... hopefully I'll be back with my list soon... cause everyone loves a list.