Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Page from the Journal...

Of the greatest rapper out right now... the one, the only, Mr. Capo Status himself.... Jim Jones.

Dear Journal: I know it's been a while, but things have been crazy. I've been flyin high...(zing!) But no seriously, I took some PCP the other night, and flew to Cam'ron's house. That shit was craziness... it was on some Fear and Loathing type mess.. but anyway, did you know that I've got the number one ringtone and song out right now? I'm just glad that people are finally starting to see my talents as a lyricist and are realizing that I'm not just a pretty face with a hairy and chiseled body. This is just another sign that I'm by far the best rapper alive. I mean, if the pop charts and ring tones don't prove it, what does?

Oh yea Journal, I've decided to give back to my community... and no, I don't mean by selling coke. I'm sponsoring a poetry contest. DipPoetry like a mug...what son!?! This further proves how much I care about lyrics and why I try to put a positive message in each one of my songs. Just like the late great O.D.B., DipSet is for the kids.

As good as all this seems, not
everything has been cocaine filled oreos and milk though journal. I may have to kufi slap a fool or two... Some joker had the audacity to caricature me on his mixtape! Mr. Capo Status himself? Like I'm some common dude to be styled on? I mean don't get me wrong... my man Borat was baalllin... but I would never wear a lime green speedo. That color doesn't go with my eyes. Don't let me see cuz in the streets... there will be a misunderstanding. I did get him back though. Me and my peoples... we hid out, waited till he didn't suspect anything... and definitely.... hacked his myspace account... say word, son. You don't want to bring it with DipSet.

Sincerely Baalllin,

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