Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Page from the Journal...

Of the greatest rapper out right now... the one, the only, Mr. Capo Status himself.... Jim Jones.

Dear Journal: Guess what I did today? That's right, I was balllllin. Haha Journal, that still gets me every time. There is no way that phrase will ever be over used. Ever.
So after I woke up at like 3:30, and did my usual pushups with a couple girls on my back, all while doing as much coke as I possibly could hold, I passed out for an hour and then I flexed in the mirror for about 10 minutes... man that was tough.
Oh yea, did I tell you about my reality show? It's gonna be tight like those two "dancers" that did that thing with the... well you get the point. I'm doing it with VH1, so you know it's gonna be balllllin (sorry, had to do it Journal). The crew has just been amazed by my hectic lifestyle and by my charming personality... They just laugh at everything I do. Too bad they've never seen a capo status baler like myself.
Let's see... What else did I do? Oh yea, I sent a couple of X-Mas cards... (that reminds me, I've got send one to Jay-Z... I sure do love that guy. I mean let's be real Journal, without him, who would even know who I was... But shhh, that's a secret.) Speaking of the Christmas spirit, nothing gets me in it like my favorite holiday album. If only Jesus could have been ballllin on Christmas...
Well, Journal, I think I'm going to go buy a couple of close fitting shirts, cop the new Bow-Wow album (that kid is alright... I really like that song with Chris Brown) and go roller blading. Did I ever tell you my roller blading joke, Journal? Oh man... it's a doozy,but I'll save that for later...

Sincerely balllllin,

P.S. Nas saying he hadn't heard my song(#5), really hurt my feelings...

P.P.S. How funny is this headline if you remove the coma... oh man.

P.P.P.S. I love you Journal

Friday, December 15, 2006

There's always room for one more...

End of the year list...

I've decided that one can never have enough of the best of year lists, so here is my take on the overdone and quite possibly annoying best of... (the first of what may be a couple, just to warn you.)

The Best Albums of the Year (In my humble opinion and in no particular order):

  • Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere: I've been a Cee-Lo fan since the Goodie Mob days. Who didn't like 'Soul Food'? So when I saw that Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo were collabing, I pre-ordered the album, and its been in my rotation since it came out in May. Best Song(s): 'St. Elsewhere', 'Smiley Faces', and 'The Last Time'. (Thought I was gonna say 'Crazy' didn't you? Well I just couldn't do it)
  • Aloe Blacc - Shine Through: This CD is fantastic. I randomly picked this up after hearing about him from hiphopsite.com (a great website by the way) This CD doesn't really fit into any genres, as Aloe raps, sings and even does a Spanish version of John Legend's 'Ordinary People' that is amazing. Best Song(s): 'Busking', 'Gente Ordinaria'.
  • The Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury: Finally... this album has been a couple years in the making, but it's been worth the wait. People can downplay "cocaine rap" all they want, and while I'm not necessarily a fan of said music, these boys can flow. They talk about the same things as say, a Young Jeezy, but make them sound much better. Also, anyone that can make a song entitled 'Chinese New Year' and have it make sense is doing something alright. AND they have Bilal (where has he been?) on a song. Best Song(s): 'We Got it for Cheap', 'Chinese New Year', and 'Nightmares ft. Bilal'.
  • Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor: After much delay, it finally came out, and I think it might be the best hip-hop CD of the year, and one of the best cds overall, of the year. The newcomer of the year, he's got skills, plain and simple. There's nothing else to say... Oh, and he's got style too. I may or may not have a man-crush (no homo). Best Song(s): 'Daydreamin', 'The Cool', and 'Hurt Me Soul'.
  • Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke: My new favorite White boy. If you only buy one White boy crooner CD this year, this is the one to get. I've been preaching about this album since day one. He changed up his style from when he first came out a little bit, and came out with a quality album. Nevermind that 'Shooter' was on Lil' Wayne's album and doesn't quite blend with the rest of it, it's still tight. Best Song(s): 'Lost Without U' and 'Can U Believe'.
  • The Roots: Game Theory: It's not a best of list without the Roots. Not necessarily their best album, but definitely a return to their better stuff. Very dark and politically influenced, they came to play on this one. Best Song(s): 'Livin' in a New World', 'Atonement' and 'Long Time'.
  • Outkast - Idlewild: I don't care what anyone says, I loved this album. I was disappointed that not all the songs from the movie were in the album, but it was tight nonetheless. Yes, I know Andre sang "too much" and they Dre and Big Boi were only on like 3 songs together and it's not 'typical' Outkast... but you know what? I don't care. It was great. And who can tell me that Lil' Wayne didn't rip 'Hollywood Divorce'? Best Song(s): 'Morris Brown', 'Hollywood Divorce', and 'When I Look in Your Eyes'.
  • Little Brother - Separate But Equal: Now it may have been considered a mixtape, as opposed to real album, but the joint was sick. Whether or not the label made them do it or not, they showed a lot of folks that they can be both "backpack" and "mainstream". Aside from the "Gangsta Grillz" shout outs... this was a quality release from LB. While it didn't completely bridge the gap between backpack rap and cocaine rap (if there is such a bridge to be built), or put them on to the "common" folk that they apparently alienate, it's a good start. Best Song(s): 'Can't Let Her' and 'Speed Racin'.
  • J-Dilla - The Shining: Even though Dilla is no longer with us, we were still blessed to get some great music from him. As always, his beats were just too sick for words. There really isn't much to say... R.I.P. Dilla. Best Song(s): 'Love'
  • Murs and 9th Wonder - Murray's Revenge: 9th is one of the best producers in the game right now and Murs has always been clever and hilarious, and that didn't change on this "sequel". It is a short album, but they don't mess around. I'm usually not able to get into west coast hip-hop too often, but I was feeling this all the way through. Best Song(s): 'Murs Day', 'Yesterday & Today', and 'D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)'.
  • Kidz in The Hall - School Was My Hustle: As much trouble as I went through to get this CD, it had to be on here. Now I might be a little biased cause I went to school with these cats, but Naledge and Double 0, really did their thing and are leading Rawkus' resurgence. I remember when I was younger and Rawkus was hip-hop to me. This album is bringing that back. The album is well produced by Double 0, and Naledge's rhymes are deep, but not "backpackish". You can definitely tell these dudes know their music. And "despite" their ivy league educations (which everyone loves to bring up), the album doesn't come off pretentious or obnoxious. Best Song(s): 'Wheelz Fall Off ('06 Till)' and 'Ritalin'.
  • T.I. - King: My requisite "Southern" album. I bumped this in the car for a long time. Pretty quality beats, and T.I. has a very unique presence about him. Almost scary actually. 'What You Know' was definitely one of the best songs of the year. However, not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that this was one of the best of the year. Best Song(s): 'What you Know' and 'Goodlife'.
So I think that's it for this list even though my mind will prolly change in like a week (or like an hour), and despite the fact that rap apparently might have worn out its welcome with the Grammys this year... there still was some good music out there.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's been a long time....

I shouldn't have left you.... But i've been prompted back into action, by one of my few readers. Imagine that. There's been a lot going on with school, coaching and the like, but that's neither here nor there. So on to the 'fun' stuff...

I got this from a friend of mine: So a man in NY that is being charged with murder is having his rap 'lyrics' used as evidence against him. Take a second and let that sink in. We're talking about rap. A genre of music that is based entirely on braggadocio and posturing. One of the whole points of the music is to make those 'underprivileged' and downtrodden youth feel bigger than they are. Give them an outlet to express their frustrations with mainstream society. Now, I'm not going to discount the fact that cuz may have actually killed these two cops, but if this is the prosecution's best evidence, then there is a problem. Just because a few rappers have done some bad things, doesn't mean that lyrics are necessarily all truthful (Damn you C-Murder) If this were the case, there would be a lot less rappers out there...hmmm....interesting... but I digress.

Another problem I have with this, is that the lyrics really aren't that good. (Click the picture for proof) No offense to the guy, but he's not a rapper. As Phonte (of Little Brother) says, "Just cause you got the skills to sell dope, don't mean you got the same skills to rap about it." (I may have paraphrased some)But you know there are going to be so many people that see this as just another example of that horrible rap music that inspires the youth to go out and gang bang and deal drugs. I wonder if they would have done the same thing, if they found poems in his pocket.

The other interesting thing about this case is that the defense is calling a rap "expert" to say that the lyrics are just lyrics. As far as I can tell, Yasser Arafat Payne, is an associate professor at the U. of Delaware that has written some essays on rap music and the culture. What makes him more of an expert than me, I don't know... but either way, this case will definitely be something to keep an eye on. So until it's decided, don't write about the people you've killed.

In other news, apparently Evel Knievel doesn't agree with Kanye's statements about the 'Touch the Sky' video. (I love how in Kanye's mind, having Pamela Anderson in a video makes it amazing... If that was the case then the Pam and Tommy tape should prolly get an Oscar)

Jim Jones can ball... but he sure can't spell. (I know it seems like I'm a hater... and that may be the case, but you know what, I do respect his business skills. Anyone that can milk a phrase as much as he has and make a killing off it, is doing something right I guess.)

Speaking of rappers that suck... No rappers were nominated for any of the big Grammys for the first time in 6 years. Prolly cause rap sucked ass this year... yea that sounds about right.(Although I think that Lupe coulda gotten a best album or new artist nomination, but that's just me.)

Lastly, Lil' Wayne is wildin... repeatedly. Definitely a POOR CHOICE. Why can't we all just get along? Especially those darned rappers.