Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who Does That?

Apparently Albert Haynesworth does...

If you didn't see the Cowboys-Titans game, you missed some of the most repugnant, ridiculousness that I have ever seen in a football game. What Haynesworth did
(about 1:45 into the video) was on par with the Mike Tyson ear tasting... I mean, to kick a dude in the head while you're standing over him and THEN stomp his face, is signs that you have a serious problem, and that you may need medical attention. Maybe some shock therapy or a slight lobotomy, cause you're wiring is obviously screwed up. But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised... this is the same guy that almost ran a woman off the highway in his 26,000 lb truck. (I would fear for my life too)

Don't get me wrong, I've def wanted to stomp someone before, but I haven't, for various reasons.(I don't want to go to jail is tops on the list and I'm a half-way decent person depending on who you ask) But lets say, just for the sake of argument, that in a peyote induced stupor, that we are somehow able to excuse the initial kick to the head, as just slight anger... A slightly sane person would think that maybe one would be like "Oh snap... I just kicked him in the head while he was laying on the ground... maybe I should stop right here." But to come back again, this time stomping his face, after you kicked the helmet off his head is just dirty. I guess his don't kick defenseless people in the head and open a 30 stitch gash mechanism turned off. If he had done this outside of the football field, he would be in jail right now... watching his back for Adibisi and the like.

I think it goes without saying (but I'm still gonna say it), that this was a Poor Choice.

One last thing... If you have about 15 minutes to spare and want to hear the rant to end all rants and just the most insane radio broadcast that I've ever heard... check out this blog.

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