Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Terrell, Terrell, Terrell.....

You know why I love football season? Besides actually having something to do during the day on Sundays, there is always some great drama. And we all know that the best drama involves large sweaty men all angry from steroids. Its basically like a giant soap opera for guys that also involves hitting, jock straps, and an oblong ball... Wait, did I just say that?

Let's look at this week for instance. There was a "catfight" (Haynesworth Face Stomp), there was the he said, she said (T.o. & McNabb debate over text messages), there was the weird (Dolemite Jenkins... Napoleon's Black cousin), and there was even the wild party where drunken decisions sure to be regretted later were made. (Pacman's Party)

We even had some relationships plagued with emotional problems: (From Mighty MJD)
"I'll go on record as saying that Terrell Owens vs. Pac Man Jones is the most emotionally unstable one-on-one matchup in NFL history. I'd have loved to hear their pre-game conversation:

Owens: Hey Pac, how you doin'?
Jones: Not too good, man.
Owens: Yeah, me neither."

As a sidenote: I actually got that party invitation above emailed to me less than hour after this email from a friend:
but uh…yeah they [T.O. and Pacman Jones] deserve each other. In fact I would throw Haynesworth in there with them. I’m convinced Pac-Man is an idiot. He doesn’t have anger management issues (Haynesworth) or deep-rooted psychological issues (Owens). I think Pac-man is truly just illogical.
Sounds about right to me... Where else do you get such emotional complexity besides a middle school or a telenovela?

I mean, what is there not to love? Football has everything one could ask for. And just wait until this Sunday. I hear that Philly fans have been working on a chant for T.O. that involves the letters O and D....

Does anyone else wonder how long it took them to come up with that? Do you think there was an Eagle Fan forum composed of 20 fat, sweaty men that spent hours locked in a poorly ventilated, underground room debating what would be the most effective way to get to T.O.'s psyche? Was it similar to the signing of the Declaration of Independence? I bet it was probably a little more intense... Hopefully the strain of remembering all the different letters doesn't get to them and they start chanting "T.D." whenever Owens has the ball... (Yea, yea... I know it's easy to pick on Eagles fans)

I wonder if they shouted "Terrell, Terrell, Terrell..." enough times would he cry like Darryl Strawberry on The Simpsons? I would pay money to see that...

Either way...I sure do miss the cleverness of Philly fans (
Who have the best "cheer" in football) now that I don't live there anymore...

"E-A-G-L-E-S. EAGLES!"... oh yea, that's a classic. It's no "Hail To the Redskins", but it's brevity has a quality all it's own.

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