Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stand Up and Wave...

Apparently not every country is quite as enamored with Jay-Z as we are. Jay's show in Shanghai has been cancelled by the Chinese Ministry of Culture (read: Big Brother) to protect against inappropriate lyrics. I don't know about this though... my guess is that they heard his leaked single (which someone may go to jail for) or something and just figured he has gone corny: Personally, "Stand up and wave.... and wave" just doesn't seem gangsta to me. Here's my question: am I supposed to do that in the club when I'm sitting and then this song comes on and causes me to rise? Or is this while I'm sitting at home or what? Perplexing I know.

I can't hate entirely on Jay though... he is making a visit to my country. Even though most Nigerians won't be able to afford to see him... but that's neither here nor there.

Jadakiss pleads not guilty to gun possession but admits to being a knucklehead.... sounds about right.

In other "hip-hop" news... Diddy is apparently using his iconic(?) hip-hop status to peddle wares for the fast food industry. This is also in addition to the soon to come "Diddy-TV" on Goo-Tube and the revelation(?) that he didn't write most of his older work. I wonder how many "have it your way" references are gonna be in his album. I say there should a gambling line put on this. I'd put the over/under at about 10.

And lastly, remember when Lawrence Phillips was just a football player and not a man that purposely drove a stolen car into a group of teenagers or dragged his girlfriend down a flight of stairs? No? Well he did play football at one point.
And I guess he can still play football... just that now it will be in jail. (Sounds like a movie just waiting to be made) Oh yea, and if you're interested in buying one of his Nebraska National Championship rings and have 20 bucks, its in a Vegas pawn shop. Poor Choices all around for that guy.

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