Monday, October 09, 2006

Sharing is... uh? What is sharing again?

In what has to be the worst timing ever, Terrell Owens has announced a children's book that he has coming out next month. (By the way, how great is that picture?) I'm not sure if the "suicide attempt/accidental overdose" was to draw publicity for his book... but I for one hope that it was. I think that would be the most brilliant marketing scheme to sell a book to kids ever. The only thing that could top that would be if he had R. Kelly produce a commercial for him... I mean I would ask my parents to get that for me if I was 3. As a matter of fact... I'm going to ask them to get it for me now. I really wanna see if Owens actually knows what sharing is...

If the Terrell's book tickles you're fancy... you might like these... just hilarious.

Are you serious Diddy? And people wonder why music sucks so bad... cause of stuff like this.

On another note... This is officially the last straw for New York. And people wonder why New York has fallen off when it comes to Hip-Hop. This is one half of the legendary Mobb Deep reduced to peddling himself on a site that may or may not be filled with mostly gay guys... And yo, you are a fairly big time performer, you should be able to pull girls left and right without posting in your 'about me' that you are: "down2 earth and very spontaneous." What a bama...
No one can convince me that New York will ever be back on top after this ridiculousness. They are sofTTTT... ("s-o-f capital T"). I was honestly at a loss for words... I mean, do I need to go back and listen to "The Infamous" again? I can' take your lyrics seriously after I see something like this. To be honest, I'm just confused, hurt, and a little sad... I'm sorry, I just feel cheated. Anyway... just a Poor Choice all around by Havoc and a slap in the face of the giant in Hip-Hop that New York used to be.

Oh yea... how bout them Yankees?


Miss O. said...

tiki & ronde wrote some books, too.

real talk.

Luq said...

very true... but seriously, T.O. co-signing a book on sharing? In what universe does that make sense?