Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rich People are Stupid...

And this proves it... Yes, that does say "bling h2o"... Take a second and let that sink in. Besides the obviously upsetting issue that the word "bling" has been way too over used and is now considered legitimate (thank you Lil' Wayne), this might be the most asinine thing I've ever heard of. So what makes this water special you ask? Well the bottle is covered with Swarovski crystals and costs about 56 dollars a bottle. Do crystals make water taste better? I don't know, with me being poor and all, but I do know that Paris Hilton apparently gives her annoying little dog this water... I'm just confused and a bit angry.

Speaking of crystals, exorbitance, and rich people... if you, like me were wondering what the new over-priced, hood-rich drink endorsed by your favorite rapper is now that Cristal is done... well I've got your answer. It's called Armand de Brignac (sexy bottle actually) also known as the "Ace of Spades". Jay-Z shows off his new drink in the new video to that new song that sounds a lot like that other older song... if you need to ask how much the champagne is, you don't need it.

Ice T has a new album coming out... here is the cover... I'm speechless. Not really sure how you're going to sell that one at Wal-Mart.

Did Fabolous and his crew really jack Sebastian Telfair for his 50,000 dollar chain? And did Fab really shoot himself in the leg? And does this make him as wack as I thought he always was? None of this has anything to do with the fact he sucks because he has some kids thinking that's how you spell "fabulous"... Jackass.

And lastly, I have yet to comment on my Redskins in this blog, because I get sad and start to cry when I think of them. I actually think my soul has developed ulcers because of them... But its about time. I think the Redskins season can best be summed up by a conversation with my roommate: When he found out that the Skins were 10 pt favorites over the then winless Titans, he was incredulous, and extremely upset that he didn't take the points. He actually said he would have been willing to put his entire paycheck on the fact that there was no way that the Skins would be able to cover... Ouch.
And in the same vein... now we know why Heath Shuler sucked ass...

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