Monday, October 02, 2006

Her London Bridge is Falling Down...

Just in case you were wondering or had any doubts...
Fergie sucks. You're shocked, I know.

As much as just being her not quite talented self should suffice as an argument, I'm prepared to offer more proof. In addition to spelling the name of her album wrong,
(Dutchess instead of Duchess) she may or may not pee on herself while performing, as evidenced by the picture. I know... I'm being mean, but she basically, unabashedly and single-handedly, ruined a pretty good group. And yes, I'm extremely bitter about it. So I'm gonna take whatever shots I feel like taking. "I don't know...I'm swinging wild." (American Dad)

Anyway... If you don't believe me about her poisoning the group, please check out pre-Fergie B.E.P. stuff. And I know that I won't listen to the album and give it a fair try, but I have good reasons. #1 being that she inspired a nation of middle school aged girls to sing about their "humps"... There really is nothing as disturbing as a chorus line of 12 yr olds extolling the values of their "humps"... gives me shivers just writing about it. Also, according to, after being asked why her album was not spelled correctly while on TRL, she responded with:
"Oh I don't know, I just... wanted to be different. I like to do my own thing, I guess."
Riiiiiiiight... that's exactly what it was. Not knowing to spell is somewhat different, I guess. I personally like to do my own thing and spell things correctly.... but that's just me.

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Anonymous said...

lol! poor fergalicious!