Friday, September 29, 2006

Stop The Madness

First off... R.I.P. Percy Miracles... we will miss you.

On a somewhat related
note...You know what hurts my soul? When there are 7th graders throwing up the "Roc" sign during class when they get a right answer... and then not even knowing what the sign means... But I guess when "Chicken Noodle Soup" can be considered a song... you really can't complain about anything else. We've officially opened the 7th seal my friends... I'm personally just waiting for the 4 horsemen... we've had a good run I guess.

An update on the Screech video... Apparently it's sort of a game between he and his friends. They make these tapes and compare them and give each other points based on some weird and lewd scale... definitely still a Poor Choice to me...

But the Poor Choice of the Day goes to these two priests... I guess God doesn't pay enough? Like I said... we've had a good run... the end times are coming folks.

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